Year 2055. The world has come to its end in every possible way. Humankind has adapted to a world destroyed by cataclysms, insubordinate robots, aliens, zombies and even mole men.

Now, all sorts of creatures live together, sharing the planet. Almost all superheroes are missing, and it seems that nobody wants to save the world anymore.

Technique: 2D Animation

Target: 9-12 years old

Genre: Comedy/Adventure

Lenght: 20 x 11″


In order to find the ambrosia to cure his grandfather, a dreamy and lonely boy travels to the magical world of Rodentia where he will meet fantastic beasts and face terrible danger.

Technique: 2D Animation

Target: Familiar

Genre: Adventure/Drama

Lenght: 90 minutes


Aluxe Park is famous thanks to Yak and Cora. A couple of aluxe siblings that take care of the ecology and entertain the kids with their games and songs.

Join them on their adventures in their Youtube Channel.


Technique: 2D Animation

Target: 2-6 years old

Genre: Musical.

Lenght: 2″ songs.


Where do you go when society thinks you are a monster? 

Monstower (Monster Readaptation Center) is meant to remove ‘monstruosity’ of every monster in the city and to help them reintegrate into society.

Will people and monsters live happily ever after?

Technique: 2D Animation

Target: 6-9 years old

Genre: Adventure/Drama

Lenght: 32 x 11″