El Ángel en el Reloj

The Angel in the Clock is a 2D animated feature, that tells the story about Amelia, a girl with leukaemia that wants to stop time. As she attempts to do so, she meets Malachi, an angel that lives inside her cuckoo clock. Malachi will take Amelia to the Fields of Time, a fantastic world where hundreds of clock-castles soar the sky, guarding human time on earth.

In this world, Amelia will learn to appreciate the importance of the concept of “here” and “now”, the wonderful things that the present give us to move forward every day and to fight for what we want the most. A tale of acceptance, withdrawal and hope.


Fotosintesis Media.

What we did

2D Animation and background illustration.


Premiered in 2018


“Best Proyect for Kids” – Power to the Pixel, London 2015 Official Selection Annecy 2018